15 Best and Useful Tips for Solo Travel

15 Best and Useful Tips for Solo Travel

Most people go with friends, family or relatives when they go on a trip. But there are also numbers of people who like to travel alone. The craze of solo traveling has been increasing for a long time, but if you also plan a trip alone, then know some important things first. Preparation is necessary before traveling anywhere. Otherwise, your journey can become ruined. Therefore, it is important to make a plan before traveling. This will also make your journey better and you will be able to enjoy everything that you had planned beforehand. Here are the 15 best and useful tips for solo travel.

Best and Useful Tips for Solo Travel

Best and Useful Tips for Solo Travel

Before you go out alone to roam, consider on these important and useful solo travel tips.

1. Online research and gather information

Before start your solo trip, It is better to gather all information with the help of internet or guide books.

It will better to think about below questions.

  • A flight or train, which option will be best to reach your destination?
  • Which type of transport (like taxi, auto or other public transport) will be best from the airport to your destination?
  • What will be the routes around the big places?
  • What hostels will you get for your stay?
  • Which are the places that should be visited there?
  • How will the weather be?
  • How will be the mobiles network coverage?
  • From where will emergency help?

Start the journey only after getting a thorough knowledge of all these things.

2. Choose a right Destination

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for people planning solo travel. It is important to choose your destination carefully because some places are more suited to solo travel than others. And some safety research when you start investigating possible destinations. Look for destinations without warnings about crime, civil unrest, terrorism, or severe weather, and look for destinations that are well known to be safe for solo travel.

3. Choose a right accommodation

In any new place, you should select the hotel carefully. Try to get the hotel booked in advance. Also, before booking any hotel, definitely check the safety record there. When you are going for a walk alone, it may be harmful to you to stay in any hotel to save some money. Also, be sure to inform your close ones about the hotel where you are staying.

4. Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with friends and family

Share your completed itinerary with your friends and family members, including all the details, such as your flight times, hotel reservations, what you are planning to do during your stay in the country you are visiting when you are coming back, and keep them constantly updated during your trip. That way, they will be aware in case something goes wrong.

5. Emergency contact information

Make a list of your emergency contact information that is easily accessible, and make sure you carry it with you anytime and anywhere. In that list, you can include your personal contact information. Names and information back home with at least two emergency contacts, and any other relevant phone numbers that may be useful.

6. Research about scams of your destination

Research before leaving on a trip can save you from problems. There is usually a possibility of fraud at famous tourist spots. So, get to know about tourist scams before traveling. On the Internet, you will find many videos in which strollers have shared their experiences.

7. Keep offline map of your destination

Download the map of the place you are going to your mobile. Sometimes maps are more helpful than people to take you to the destination. Especially when going to someplace where people do not understand your language, it will prove very helpful. Get help from Google Maps. Download Google Maps of your destination to your home via Wi-Fi so that it can be used even if there is no internet.

There are different offline map apps for many countries, many areas. For example, maps.CZ is the best app for Central Europe. Maps of other areas will also be available from the Internet.

8. Believe in yourself

Traveling alone to a place, you are not familiar with, especially for the first time, requires a lot of courage and self-confidence. Solo travel can be challenging, but the rewards make it all worth it. It is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your abilities. Just trust your gut and focus on the happiness, you will get at the end of this fulfilling experience.

9. Be patient and be proactive

Visiting a new place alone can be quite challenging. So, don’t rush yourself when you get there. Take some time to relax and learn how things work in the city, you are visiting to avoid unpleasant situations. If you are not sure about something, kindly ask for help.

10. Download helpful mobiles Apps

Your mobile is the most helpful companion in solo traveling. You can roam without worry by putting lots of information related to your place in it. Download the mobile application of the tourism authority of the place or country you want to visit. Add an app with offline maps.

Download the app for public transport. Which bus or tram will be available to go from one place to another, how much will be the fare, how much time will it take, all these will be found in such apps.

Apps like Google translate, TripAdvisor, Triposo, LiveTrekker, Accuweather can be quite helpful.

11. Adopt and experience the local culture

Dressing like locals and embracing their culture and lifestyle can help in making your interactions with them much easier. It will help you blend in and avoid being noticed by bad guys. There are so many benefits of learning the languages while traveling, So learn a few words in the local language, if you can. This will make people they’re more friendly and welcoming to you.

12. Try to stay sober

It is very important to stay sober, especially if hanging out at night. As a solo traveler, being drunk when you are outdoor at night in a foreign country is something you want to avoid. Staying sober anytime. It will keep you safe and save you from many troubles. It is okay to go out and have fun. But whenever you feel like over-drinking, remember that our safety is at stake.

13. Consider your health

Take extra precautions to avoid getting sick because you will have no partner to take care of you, in case what happens. Make sure you get enough rest, depending on the country you are visiting. You may need things to help protect yourself such as mosquito repellent, sun cream, etc. Don’t forget to pack a sufficient quantity of any medication, you are taking as well. Get travel insurance if possible. For more details check out this article How to Stay fit and healthy while traveling.

14. Meet other people or travelers

Sometimes, in order to escape the monotony and loneliness of traveling solo, you will need to meet other travelers or locals. CouchSurfing and TourBar are great ways to connect with people anywhere you go. You can also search for local events that you can attend in the city where you are staying. Cafes are great places to meet people as well.

15. Take advice from the local about places

Asking locals for advice about where to go. Local people can help you find the most amazing spots to explore in the town, you are visiting. For example, you can ask taxi and bus drivers for recommendations about places, you should visit.

Hope this 15 important and useful tips will help you in planning your solo travel with more confidence.

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