The Best Guide to Travel the Maldives on a Budget

The Best Guide to Travel the Maldives on a Budget

The Maldives consists of a pearl of small islands spread across a huge area of the Indian Ocean. They’re so beautiful and inviting features with shining white fine sand and crystal clear water. It is located southwest of Sri Lanka and India in the Indian Ocean. There is a total of 1200 islands, And the majority of the islands are not bigger than you can walk around them in half an hour. The islands are typical, located in a protective lagoon surrounded by miles of uncultivated coral reefs. Many people have the Maldives on their bucket list as one of their dream destinations. Most people have given up that dream because they feel it is too expensive and cannot travel to the Maldives. If you are wondering how to save money when traveling to the Maldives then Here we guide how to travel to the Maldives on a budget.

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Best Guide to Travel the Maldives on a Budget

The Maldives is a country with 200 inhabited islands, white sand beaches, Jim clear waters. And of course, overwater bungalows. It is a perfect paradise and romantic destination for couples. It is beautiful and it’s expensive as well. The Maldives is a luxury destination that many of us save up money for. Although it’s an undeniable fact that tropical hotspot doesn’t go easy on the pocket. But what if you could explore this island country on a budget, without missing out on any major experience. Already dreaming of a beach weekend. Here is the best guide to travel with budget hacks that will turn your Maldives dreams into a reality.

Plan a Trip in the Off-Season

The best guide to travel to the Maldives is to go during an offseason. The off-season is technically their rainy season but that doesn’t mean it’s going to rain every single day. The Maldives is a stunningly beautiful country, so we can say, there is nothing like an offseason for the Maldives. The month between May to November is as the low season. That’s when the island is taken over by heavy downpours, making it a wonderful kind of beauty. accommodation and flight rates go really low around this time. You may not know, but many resorts and even local Island properties, give the best offers and discounts in the low seasons. So, be quick. And don’t miss out on saving big on your Maldives trip.

Arriving at Male

The flight ticket to Male, the capital of Maldives has gone really cheap, over the years. Many Indian domestic airlines are flying directly to Male from major Metro cities in India. It takes about three hours and costs between only $175 to $250 for a round trip. Book your flights early for saving on the airfare.

Stay at local island instead of Resort

A smart move is to find your base at any local Island, such as Maafushi Island, Thulusdhoo Island, Dhigurah Island, and Dhiffushi Islands in the Maldives. This island hosts a wide variety of homestays, guest houses, and budget hotels that cost you around $10 per night, especially in the offseason. The accommodation will come out to be even cheaper if you’re traveling in a group.

You get more of an authentic experience when you go to a local Island. You can hear more about the culture and learn things that you wouldn’t learn if you will stay on a resort island. So, It will be best to stay on a local island instead of a resort island or villa.

Day trip at Resort Island

You can plan a day trip to stay on a beautiful resort island in the Maldives. It is really great for tourists that you can enjoy on a resort island pay an entrance fee of around $90 for a day and spend your whole day on that resort island. But sleep on a local Island.

Choose local transport instead of Sea Plan or Private boat

To commuting in the Maldives is easy to cost drastically varies from one mode of transport to the other, to see planes, speed boats and yachts definitely offer quite an experience. It can come out to be a bit expensive, especially for budget travelers. Luckily, ferries offer an affordable option. For example, reaching Male via ferry from the airport will cost you around 40 Maldivian rufiyaa, which equals $2.50. It’s just that these ferries will drop you at the islands with luxurious resorts. But here you won’t miss out on much because Maldives’s landscape is equally beautiful wherever you go.

But this option isn’t going to work for everyone. You will need to check the very schedule and make sure that it aligns with your travel times.

Eat local food

If you are a seafood lover, you are going to be in Paradise. Everything is so delicious. But it is delicious as well as expensive. In the Maldives, local food is cheaper than in luxurious resorts. So if you eat at a local restaurant or cafe, a meal would cost between $15 to $20. Another option is going for a heavy brunch, which will help you to save more.

Explore the Male – Capital of Maldives

You can explore the beautiful city of Male on foot while enjoying its lifestyle, local markets, and popular tourist attractions. If you prefer adventure, you can try your hand at the cheapest water spot kayaking and watch the sun go down into the horizon. If you are staying at a hotel or guesthouse. You can also choose to go for a reef snorkeling excursion, which will cost you between $5 to $8, including a buffet lunch. Another adventure activity that you can try is swimming in the dhigurah beach, which is one of the best beaches in the Maldives, or on the artificial beach, which comes with no cost, and it’s the best experience.

The most important aspect of planning a budget trip is timing. It’s where you can easily explore the best Maldives even on a short trip. With these steps, you can make a beautiful Maldives trip on a budget and without breaking the bank.

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