best places to visit in Switzerland

10 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

It is very hard to define the best places to visit in Switzerland. Whenever we hear the name of Switzerland, an exquisite village comes to our mind. And Switzerland is indeed such a majestic country. Switzerland is beautiful and it is one of the happiest and safest countries in the world. That’s why it is a favorite destination for family and honeymooners. Switzerland has also called ‘the home away from home.

best places to visit in Switzerland, top destinations in Switzerland
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10 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

So, here is the list of the top 10 best places to visit in Switzerland where you can spend your holiday with family, friends and your life partner.

10. Thun

Thun, Switzerland, best places to visit in Switzerland, castle museum, old town in Switzerland
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Thun is located about halfway between Bern and Interlaken. It has one of the most jaw-dropping backdrops of any town in Switzerland. The old town, Kunstmuseum, Schadau park, a church, and Thun lake are the main attractions in Thun. Thun castle museum is said to be of 12th century, and this castle is also a Swiss heritage site.

Aar River that runs through Bern’s Old Town also flows right next to Thun. In summer this charming place offers swimming and many water activities. Thun is also a perfect place to visit in the winter months.

9. Lauterbrunnen

lauterbrunnen, best places to travel in Switzerland, Swiss alp village, staubbach waterfall
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Lauterbrunnen is truly the most magical place in Switzerland. It is a village situated in the Swiss Alps. If you like hiking, paragliding, skiing, etc, this place is perfect for you. There are 72 beautiful waterfalls and 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Lauterbrunnen.

The waterfalls continue to flow with high melt rates of the glaciers that feed them. One of the most iconic waterfalls is located directly behind the main street in Lauterbrunnen, known as the Staubbach waterfall. On a windy day, you can feel the freezing water blowing onto your face walk down the main street, just outside of the town of Lauterbrunnen. Several lifts can take you above the valley floor and onto the mountain tops, opening up a whole new world. Lauterbrunnen is just a few mountains away from Grindlewald and Interlaken, which means that access is very easy.

Lauterbrunnen is one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland. Therefore it’s all-time full of visitors, So it will be better if you roam this beautiful city in the early morning to avoid the crowds.

8. Zermatt

zermatt, matterhorn, the best place to visit in Switzerland, paradise for photographers
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Zermatt – the valley area is home to one of the world’s most famous mountains, the Matterhorn. It is the best place if you like snowboarding, hiking, trekking, vacation, and photography. But you can watch the mountains if you don’t like any of those things.

Zermatt is the quintessential Swiss town situated at the base of the most prominent mountain in Switzerland, the Matterhorn. It’s one of Switzerland’s most surreal places to visit, especially during the colder months.

Zermatt is a photographer’s paradise, particularly at night, with the townhouses orange and yellow glow flickering away to the Matterhorn, Just 10 or more kilometers away. The backdrop dominates the top of the Matterhorn, and it’s awesome.

7. St. Moritz

St. Moritz, ski resorts, luxurious places to stay
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Switzerland is also famous for its excellent quality of skiing and snowboarding. And there is hardly any place for luxury and world-class skiing compared to St. Moritz. There are so many luxurious places to eat, drink, and stay in St.Moritz. Therefore it is well-known as the destination of celebrities.

There are a lot of ski resorts in Switzerland, but none compared to St Moritz. The village and its surroundings contain the best of Switzerland. It’s a must-visit for those who can afford the price, or have the time.

6. Neuchatel

neuchatel, lake neuchatel, beautiful place in switzerland, quiet areas
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Neuchatel may be the only place that you haven’t heard of before on this list of beautiful places. It is a French-influenced area located on the northern shore of Lake Neuchatel. Neuchatel is one of Switzerland’s quiet areas. It is just 2 hours away from Zurich. Neuchatel offers so many things to do, therefore It is definitely worth visiting for a short break.

5. Jungfrau

jungfrau, best places to visit in Switzerland, highest point in Switzerland, snow covered mountains
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Jungfrau is one of the highest points in Switzerland. It is a train station, Research Station, museum, and restaurant, all on top of a high Alpine peak. The peak provides views of snow-covered mountains year-round and the massive alleged glacial.

The Jungfraujoch railway station is the highest railway station not only in Switzerland but also in Europe. The vast majority of travelers arrive to enjoy this train trip. If you prefer to climb a mountain valley of World Class Alpine, this charming town is perfect for you.

4. Bern

bern, capital city of Switzerland, small city of Switzerland, best places to visit in Switzerland
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The capital city of Switzerland, Bern has to be the most beautiful city in the country. Bern is famous for its history, museum, art, culture, fountains, nightlife, and many beautiful festivals. This small city of Switzerland has maintained its history nicely. Because of its incredibly long history, Bern has been listed as a World Heritage Site. This gorgeous city in Switzerland has so many things to do.

3. Ticino

ticino, Italian speaking region, historical city, small cottages, hiking trails
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This Italian-speaking region is famous for its history, castles, lakes, and natural view. Ticino is near to Italy, therefore it is strongly influenced by Italy. Visitors can enjoy Italian culture and food in this Switzerland region.

If you looking for a destination with some sun and without rain, Ticino is a perfect place for you. It is true, that this region of Switzerland has the highest number of days without rain in the whole of Switzerland.

Ticino offers a lot to its visitors like gorgeous sandy beaches, beautiful nature, small cottages, tranquil lakes, and the number of hiking trails, leading to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

2. Lucerne

lucerne, relaxed mountain, Chapel bridge, lakeside viewpoint
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Lucerne is really beautiful place, and it is also considered as a one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is a fairy-tale village on a relaxed mountain. Lucerne is a popular destination for most people who visit Switzerland.

Lucerne is famous for its architecture, bridges, museums, and lake. Chapel Bridge and lake Lucerne are the main attractions of this charming city. If you like to walk or hike to the lakeside viewpoint, Lucerne is for you!

You can also enjoy the lake Lucerne by cruises. And some cruises also offers morning tea or lunch.

1. Grindelwald

grindelwald, best places to travel in Switzerland, best place to visit in any season
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Grindelwald is one of the best places to travel in Switzerland. Because it always looks as well as a movie set. You can travel to this beautiful place at any time of the year. This is the place where you can see grazing cow with worn the bell around their neck. Grindelwald is looking always beautiful, so we have listed this place as number one.

During the winter season, you can see everything covered with white, and in spring and summer, Everything melts, and wildflowers create beautiful green natural looks, snow melts from the high Alps, creating a natural flow of water around Grindelwald.


Switzerland is really a paradise on the earth. There are so many places to visit in Switzerland, but these are top-10 because most visitors add one of these places to their bucket list. It is the best destination whether you want to travel solo, or with family, friends, or your loved one. It is time to pack your bags and go on a long trip to explore this fabulous country.

Share your experience with us if you have ever traveled one of this places in Switzerland.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I have been to 3 out of these 10 places….lauterbrunnen, Jungfrau and Lucerne… absolutely heavenly…wish to go back again someday for the remaining places 💖💖

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