12 Best Reasons to Honeymoon in Bali – Indonesia

Did you know Bali has become one of the best destinations in the world for the honeymoon, But, why? and why should you go there?. Here are the 12 best reasons to understand why Bali should be perfect for your honeymoon destination.

Best Reasons to Honeymoon in Bali – Indonesia

Best Reasons to Honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia
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1. Breathtaking Accommodation

First, The best and important tip to make your honeymoon memorable is accommodation. The breathtaking accommodation, one of the top priorities when going for a honeymoon is to choose the perfect hotel, or Villa, whether you’re looking for a private Villa, or a room where you can wake up to, amazing views of the forest, or the beach Valley has got it all. The best part is you don’t need to fork out the fortune for those jaw-dropping villas. You can easily get a private pool villa for $400. Well in Mauritius, you have to pay twice that amount to get a regular hotel room.

2. Most Romantic Place for Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is a time to spend beautiful and memorable with your loved ones, and Bali is the ideal place for your most unforgettable honeymoon moment. What could be more romantic than lovingly discovering and enjoying the natural beauty of Bali, together with the person you love most? The endless, secluded beaches welcomed you for a romantic sunset. Great rock events can make both of you witness some of the best sunsets in the world.

3. Unique Eating Style

What better way than starting your day with a floating breakfast in the swimming pool, while listening to the birds chirping. That’s one of the most unique ways to have breakfast in Bali at a mini private pool villa eating style with your loved one from a basket full of food. The baskets come in various shapes and sizes. But definitely go for a heart-shaped one for your honeymoon. And it doesn’t stop there, the romance gets even better at night with a circulant romantic candlelight dinner. Just next to the pool, turn on the music, and enjoy each other’s company.

4. Stunningly Beautiful Beaches

Bali is home to amazing & stunning beaches, and somehow beach destinations are what most people give priority to a honeymoon. It is always fun at the beach. You will be sure to enjoy some good time at the beach with your loved one, whether it’s to relax quietly by the beach, have a romantic sunset walk along the beach, run after each other on the beach, or even learning something new together like surfing. There is something for everyone. One of our favorite beaches is kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida Island.

5. Thrilling Adventures

If you’re an adventurous couple, you will find an unending list of experiences that will bring you the field that you want. You could rent a scooter to explore the island at your own pace. While visiting the amazing waterfalls and rice paddy fields in Bali, you will be blown away by the role and amazing nature. This place has to offer. Also, there are numerous islands around for you to explore as well. One of the best to hike down is Nusa Penida Island to access one of the most isolated but amazing beaches. You can also close the day with picturesque sunsets.

There are so many other activities you can do during your honeymoon. Check out the linked article for more information: Best Things to Do in Bali (Indonesia).

6. Beautiful Weather

Many of the popular honeymoon locations around the world are perfect during a particular period of the year. Not so in Bali, which has a pleasant tropical climate throughout the year. Unlike other tropical locations, Bali never experiences hurricanes or extreme storms. The temperature level goes down to around 25 ° C, isn’t that right?
It is never super hot like other Southeast Asian places. The ideal temperature level is between 25 ° C and 30 ° C. A strong heat of 35 ° C or even 40 ° C is uncommon in Bali. Also, if you want a much more moderate / cooler climate, you can always survive several Bali mountains. And a good situation is one of the reasons for a honeymoon in Bali.

7. Easy to Reach

When you arrive from the South-East Asian country or via an international flight, Bali is well connected to all corners of the world. Several major airline companies have flights to Bali, which has relatively large international airports. It is just a short taxi ride from the airport to Bali’s most popular tourist attractions, while roadway facilities let you go faster and more efficiently.

8. Photogenic Places

Bali is a paradise for those who wish to celebrate their love through pictures. When you cover it in many unusual places and backgrounds, you actually get the best photogenic places for a honeymoon in the world. There are so many secret spots for pictures.

At villa or resorts, the staff is there to take your pictures too. There is no need to be embarrassed about asking someone to take a picture for you. They come prepared with like reflectors to talk about professionals.

9. Safest Place for Honeymoon

Many tourist attractions in the world have a poor safety record, walking on the streets after dark can be so dangerous in itself. This is not the case in Bali. While minor crime exists, Bali is a quite safe holiday destination. Similarly, there are no significant health hazards such as tropical diseases. Apart from this, food is also considered safe in Bali and the safest factor is one of the best reasons for a honeymoon in Bali.

10. Cheaper than other Honeymoon Destinations

Bali is a super budget-friendly destination, so it is very easy to visit the island and should not worry about breaking the bank. Although often busy with tourists, Bali is still surprisingly affordable if you know where to look. Depending on your accommodation style, You can make a good estimate of $ 50 USD per day to travel very comfortably around Bali.

11. Shopping Paradise

Bali is a paradise for shopping for those who want to shop while on their honeymoon. There are lots of shopping experiences in Bali, from modern malls offering international brands, to artisan villages specializing in traditional crafts and art forms. The island is also home to international designer brands, many of which have flagship boutiques in more tourist resort areas such as Kuta and Legion.

Some of the best places to shop for souvenirs are fine arts and crafts, unique homewares, antiques, handmade jewelry, wooden sculptures, and colorful textiles.

12. Friendly Locals

Last but not the least, it’s the people Balinese people are one of the friendliest ever. They will go the extra mile and assist you as much as possible without asking for anything in return. They are always ready to help anyone. In short, Bali people are so friendly and supportive.

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