Best Tips How to Get Cheapest Flight Deals

12 Best Tips How to Get Cheapest Flight Deals

How to get the cheapest flight deals? This is one of the most frequent questions we hear when planning for the trip. And for most trips, air traveling is the most costly part of the trip. Although the prices of oceanic flights have come down in the past years, they might still make a big deal in any journey budget. Whether you are a solo traveler on a budget or a family or couple vacationing abroad, finding a cheap air flight deal can make or break your trip. Hence, budgeting is very important when planning your next trip.

Most of the time, if your flight is too expensive, you are likely to take the trip off, am I right? Every single day, airlines have thousands of surprising deals – from accidentally published fares to special promotions to compete with another airline due to falling prices. Cheap fares are out and they can make your dream trip a reality – if you know where to look. But, don’t worry, here is your guide in finding and getting the cheapest flight deal for your next trip.

So, here are the best tips and guides to help you in getting the cheapest flight deals. These tips will ensure that you will master finding the best available rate for your trip. Make your travel cheaper as possible with these steps and helps. Most budget travelers found these tips essential and efficient in purchasing their cheap flights. Hence, if you follow them also, you will never be the person on the flight who paid the most for their ticket! It is not being a beggar, you are just being thrifty and trying to save money.

Here are the best tips on how to get the cheapest flight deals wherever you want to go in the world:

12 Best Tips How to Get Cheapest Flight Deals

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1. Always use the best flight search engines

Don’t you know that a good flight search engine can help a lot in searching for the possible most affordable flight? These airfare flight search engines compare flight tickets from various airlines and present the best deals for you. They also have an algorithm and tools that can help you to predict prices in advance. You may also receive email and SMS notifications about airfare promotions and many more. Don’t just rely on direct booking. It is always best to check multiple flight search engines before reserving and buying your tickets. Moreover, some of them present better rates than others, and it is difficult to know which one offers a good price and good service too. Be flexible in searching for the best and cheapest flight tickets. The more you search, the more you know and the more you find a better deal for your next trip.

2. Find cheapest day to fly

Traveling during Tuesdays and Wednesdays, or on Weekdays, in general, tends to be cheaper than traveling on weekends. It might not always the case but these days there are less travelers. The day of the week should be considered when booking a flight. The best technique is to enter your departure and landing cities on the flight search website or mobile app and check the prices of the tickets for a whole month in order to see the cheapest days to fly and purchase your tickets according to your needs.

3. Fly for free with bonus points

Onother way to fly cheaply or for free is using your loyalty card. One way to travel for free using points is to sign up for a travel rewards credit card and make sure to spend the required minimum amount in order to earn enough bonus points, which you can redeem across a variety of airlines for a free flight. Also make sure to always use the card for your everyday purchases and pay your balance off on time, each month to avoid interest charges and late payment fees. Remember, the more you spend, the more points you get.

4. Travel with budget airlines

Traveling with budget or lower class airlines is usually cheaper than traveling with high clarr or full-service airlines. The only downside with flying low cost airline is that you will have to make compromises on the food and services. There is no free food or drink on board when you fly with lower class airlines. Moreover, don’t expect so much on the service too. It is like “You get what you pay”. And there is obviously less comfort compared to a full-service flight. If you want to book the cheapest flight as possible, you should be flexible and expect some and unexpected compromises. Do your math and research. Get to know the budget airline’s requirements and restrictions and pay close attention to them to avoid paying extra fees. Also, check regularly the budget airlines’ website, so you don’t miss out on their special offers and for changes of iteneraries.

5. Search for airline errors and sale fares

You can absolutely save a lot of money on flight tickets by tracking airlines’ errors and sale fares. In fact, airlines sometimes make mistakes when posting their fares and promotions, leading to huge discounted flights. There are several reasons that can cause an airline error, but the most common are technical issues, human mistakes, and currency conversion errors. There are some websites that are designed to track airliners and sale fares. All you’ll have to do is just create an account and enter the required information, and you’ll start getting flight deals sent directly to your inbox. It is good to monitor the website of the airlines to check their promotions and errors, at least sometimes.

6. Check local airlines

The most common flight search engines usually do not include small airlines, especially in less popular leave-up routes, or in remote regions. If you’re flying somewhere that is not popular, check if they have local airlines. You can come across a cheap and better local company, that might not be listed in mass flight search engines online. And even if they are listed in those flight search engines, make sure to check the company’s own website where you might find some exclusive offers that can not be found in regular flight search websites. OSmetimes, with local airlines, they offer cheaper fees and rates.

7. Find places that are cheap to fly into

If you are looking for the cheapest possible destinations to fly into, you can use a flight search website like, and Google Flights which are the perfect tools for this type of research. Just enter your landing city, and select a date range to fly, you will be able then to see a list of countries with approximate ticket costs from your landing point sorted by price. So that, you can compare and choose the destination that meets your budget requirement. If you haven’t thought of a place where to go yet, this might be considered to get a cheaper tickets.

8. Consult a Travel Agent

Looking for the best deal can be a time-consuming process, I know. If you don’t want to spend so much time and energy doing all the hard work, ask someone. You can hire a travel agent and let him get you the cheapest flights available. Of course, you will pay extra fees for the travel agent services, but it will save you some time, and also money on flight tickets. Especially if you are traveling with multiple people or as a group.

9. Book your flight in advance

The closer you depart, the higher the ticket fees. Usually, airline tickets are expensive when you go close to your departure dates. Budget airlines, typically offer low rates as a baseline price, and as these tickets sell the remaining ones increase in cost. So, if you know when and where you’re going. Don’t wait to book your flight ahead of time to save money. However, this is not the case at all time. There might be also a case that the airline will give you a lower rate as they would like to sell all their seats. So, pay attention.

10. Always Search for tickets in other currencies

If your country’s currency is currently stronger than others around the world, find airfare in a country where the currency is weak. Do your math. Don’t be lazy.

11. Buy flights in bulk

As a general rule, you will get better value on your flight tickets if yobook multiple seats. If you buy more seats at the same time, you miught have the chance to get a better deal. Buying a round trip ticket, for instance, is cheaper than buying two separate one-way tickets. Be wise.

12. Sign up for airlines newsletters

Sign up for airline newsletters to stay updated on their promotional offers. Also, follow the airlines and the industry experts on Twitter and other social media. They might post something that can’t be found on their website. So, do all the posibilities.

So, those are the main tips on how to save money by buying a cheaper flight. If you have doubt on how to get the cheapest flight, don’t hesitate to amke a comment or give us a message.

Buon viaggio!

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