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13 Countries Open for Travelers During COVID19

Since 2020, There are so many restrictions for traveling around the world. And unfortunately, unnecessary manipulation has stopped for a year now. Last year there was a strict lock-down. But now different countries have implemented lock-down according to the time circumstances. In these circumstances, the tourists who are planning to go somewhere are having the most trouble. But now these following 13 countries are open for travelers during COVID19.

13 Countries Open for Travelers During COVID19

13 countries open for travelers during covid19, countries open for tourism
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A few months ago, there were rigged rules and regulations but now many countries have changed their rules and there are only a few restrictions on traveling. But now tourists are confused as to where to go and where not to go due to various restrictions. There is also a class that is happy to go home from where they are trapped. There is another class that is rich but can not go because of restrictions.

The main source of income for many countries is the travel business. And if they don’t allow to travel will affect the country’s economies. So there are a lot of countries that have started to welcoming tourists or are about to do so in the current vacation. Of course, there are some rules to follow. So, let’s see which country is allowing to travel.

1. the Maldives

Maldives, blue water beaches, under water hotels, countries open for travelers
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The Maldives is one of those countries that are open for travelers and tourism during COVID19. It is famous for its islands, blue water beaches, beautiful resorts, and underwater hotels. It is not only famous for travelers but also this majestic place has become a destination for many celebrities. The entire government of the Maldives is run on tourism who coming there. That is why the country has opened its border for foreign tourists in July-2020. Many tourists from Asia are going to the Maldives regularly. It is necessary to show negative RT-PCR reports up to 96 hours before arrival. But some travelers get a medical check-up at the Maldives airport if needed.

So, if you have a negative RT-PCR report up to 96 hours, you can travel and enjoy this country.

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2. the United Arab Emirates

UAE, countries open for travelers during covid19, tallest buildings, Dubai, mosques
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The UAE is famous for its tallest buildings, desert safari, shopping malls, safety, mosques, and Luxurious lifestyles. It is also famous for its two largest cities – Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And Dubai is an almost indispensable investment destination for flights between Asia and Europe or the United State. It is a popular destination for Asian tourists because they can reach there in a short trip. The UAE also one of those countries that are open for travelers and tourism during COVID19. RT-PCR report up to 72 hours ago is also mandatory in UAE. International medical insurance that includes COVID19 is not mandatory but it is important if you have.

3. Nepal

Nepal, countries open for travelers and tourism during covid19, mountain country
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Nepal is famous for its history, culture, and beautiful nature, mountains, handicrafts, and wooden sculptures. It is also popular for trekking, climbing, canyoning, and ziplining. Nepal’s economy also relies heavily on tourism and entrepreneurs to climb Everest. Nepal has opened its border because Buddhist devotees worldwide can come to the landlocked country. For that, RT-PCR test negative result is of course necessary. If not, in some cases a ‘Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAT)’ is also valid.

4. Malta

Malta, smallest city Europe, countries open for travelers during corona-virus, colorful Maltese balconies
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Malta is the smallest city in Europe. It is famous for its history, great weather, gorgeous sea & beaches, and old character houses with colorful Maltese balconies. 25-30% of Malta’s economy is based on tourism. So it is important for Malta’s government to keep tourists coming.

To attracts the tourists and encourage people to visit the island, Tourism Minister of Malta- Clayton Bartolo has announced that government will pay up to € 200 ($ 240) to its international travelers if they stay 3 days or more. The scheme will be introduced in the summer vacation starting from 1st June 2021.

5. America

United State, America, countries open for travelers in 2021, most famous country in the world
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The USA is one of the most famous countries in the world. It is famous for many such as its big and beautiful cities like New York, California, Florida, etc., global culture, history, and national parks. America has not imposed a complete travel ban. Tourists were allowed to arrive at any of Corona’s ups and downs. That is why testing and quarantining were mandatory, and are still in place in some US cities today. Depending on which city or state you want to travel to. Everyone has applied the rules in their own way with a slight change.

6. Russia

Russia, countries open for travelers during covid19, most vibrant city
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Russia is famous for its vibrant cities in the world. It is understandable that the first corona vaccine was developed by Russia, So the country would not mind opening its border for tourists. Admission can be obtained if there is a negative certificate of the covid test 72 hours ago.

7. Israel

Isreal, countries open for travelers during pandemic, highest number of Nobel Prize
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Undoubtedly, Israel’s strength and development are notable in the world. Israel is the country that has the highest relative immigration rate and the highest number of Nobel Prize winners per capita, and you will surprise that it is more than the US, Germany, and France also.

Israel has exempted its citizens from wearing masks in public. From May 6, the country also opened to tourists. But only tourists who have taken both doses of the COVID vaccine will be admitted. In addition, an RT-PCR negative test is also mandatory. Initially, a few tourists will get relief and then the number will increase according to the situation. The second rule is the initially only a group of tourists will get admission, not tourists alone.

8. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, countries open for travelers during covid19, Buddhist culture of Sri Lanka, favorite destination for safari
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Pearl of the Indian Ocean –Sri Lanka is famous for its rich Buddhist culture. It is also a favorite destination for safari and wildlife lovers. This country has also opened its border to tourists. Visitors must have COVID test negative certificate up to 96 hours ago. Medical check-ups are done at the airport if needed. And to travel to this country, the passenger has to fill the Health Declaration Form.

9. Thailand

Thailand, Floating market in Thailand, gorgeous beaches
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Thailand is famous for its gorgeous beaches, delicious food, friendly locals, massage, floating market, and nightlife. There are so many beautiful places and things to do in Thailand. So, It is a favorite destination for all the world’s tourists. Thailand was initially open to tourists, closed for a while, and then reopened.

In addition to the test, a certificate from the Thai Embassy in each country is required. Keeping a 14-day quarantine in Thailand but not for all tourists, only those who feel the need. And keep in mind also that Medical Insurance is also mandatory to travel this place.

10. South Africa and Kenya

South Africa, Kenya, forest richness
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The colorful Cap Town, the forest richness of Kruger National Park and the beaches well-known as the Gold Coast attracts tourists from all over the world. To explore this African place, you must have an RT-PCR negative test report. As well as filling out the Health Declaration form prescribed by the African Government.

The gates of Kenya, a popular country on the African continent are also open. There is no uncontrollable Corona. That means an RT-PCR negative certificate up to 96 hours ago is required.

11. Ukraine

Ukraine, seashore of Ukraine
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Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, etc., the easternmost country of Europe, the metropolis of Ukraine, and the seashore, etc. are waiting for the tourists. In addition to the test certificate, Health Insurance is required for travel to Ukraine. Best if you have insurance from an insurance company in Ukraine.

12. Switzerland

Switzerland, safest country, happiest country
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Switzerland is not only the most famous travel destination but also its safest and happiest country in the world. It is one of those places where you can make your honeymoon memorable. Even though the country is small, it is a big attraction for tourists. That is why the Switzerland government has not closed its border for tourists. Despite the growing number of COVID cases, restaurants, bars, etc. have been left open in public places in the country. Four people can sit at one table.

When entering Switzerland, you will need to show proof of a negative coronavirus test in two cases: if you enter Switzerland by air. … if you have been in one place within the last ten days before entering Switzerland which is included in the FOPH (The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health) list of at-risk countries.

13. Indonesia

Indonesia, Bali in Indonesia, Best destination for honeymoon
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Indonesia is not only famous for its stunning beaches, islands, volcanoes, food but also it is the fourth most famous country in the world. Bali in Indonesia is the most famous place and top holiday destination in the world. Bali is one of the best destinations for honeymooners. For travelers, there so many things to do in Bali.

So, This is the list of most famous countries that are open for travelers to spend their vacation with friends, family, and loved ones. And It is time to pack your bags and go on a long trip to explore these beautiful countries.

COVID negative certificate is mandatory to get entry into Indonesia. If you do not have COVID negative certificate, you can test at the airport at your own expense and then 7 days quarantine remains to be complied with.

Different countries are changing their rules on a daily basis. If the entry is open today, it will close tomorrow and if it is closed today, it will open tomorrow.

The PCR (Polymer Chair Reaction) test for Corona is one of the most reliable and widely accepted in the world. If there is no negative certificate of PCR test for Corona, then various countries have set up test facilities at the airport. Or in cases where PCR is not available, other tests are performed in some countries. Search online and read carefully the rules before booking the flight or accommodation.

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  1. Thailand is still not accepting tourists from any country. They’ve planned but rising number of cases forced them to rollback the decision. I am desperately waiting to see the coolest nightlife and beach life of Thailand.

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