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How to Travel Safely and Arrive Well During COVID-19

Travel Safe and Arrive Well During COVID-19
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COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day. There is no country in the world that is not in its grip. Seeing the increasing cases every day, you can imagine how the infection of COVID-19 is increasing. And you can’t even stop your routine life. We also have to take care of this infection and also maintain our professional life. For this many people also do daily travel. So, here are the tips on how to travel safely during COVID-19.

So if you are traveling for some work, then you have to take care of many things to avoid this infection. For this, we have given some tips here, so that you can avoid this infection.

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If you use your private vehicle for traveling, then covid infection can be very less. But if you have to travel far away, then, of course, you will go on a bus, train or flight. And it is most possible to get this infection in public transport. Let’s see how infection happens and how you can avoid this infection.

How safe are trains and buses?

It is very important to travel safely during covid-19 especially when you are going to use any public transport. Because while traveling on a bus or train, you do not know whether the person sitting next to you is infected or not. And maybe you can’t even ask about it. This infection is spread through the eyes, nose, and air. And if the person sitting by your side is infected, then it is possible that you can also get this infection.

The risk of infection from outside is high. In closed spaces where there is good ventilation, the risk of infection is less. So public transport in which you can open a window, they are a little better in this regard. That risk depends on how crowded that train or bus is and how long you travel.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that anyone can now use public transport at any time, bypassing previous restrictions. But, according to the guidelines issued there, you have to keep a distance of one meter from other people outside the house.

Doctor Lara Goske of the Institute of Global Health says that in her research published in 2018, people who often use underground transport are more likely to show flu-like symptoms.

To reduce the risk of getting infected. Keeping a distance, wearing masks, and avoiding touching the surface (washing hands if touched)

How much risk in the plane?

Before traveling by air, You should know how can you travel safely during Covid-19 in the plane. Most travelers believe that we are more likely to fall ill in a plane because we breathe “stale” air. But this is not true. In fact, you can get much better quality air in a plane than in your workplace. And also You will get cleaner air in comparison to train and bus.

Professor Qingyan Chen of Purdue University in Indiana estimates that air changes every two to three minutes in an airplane, whereas in an air-conditioned building it takes 10 to 12 minutes.

Most airplanes have a high-quality air filter system called HEPA. So it provides better air than any normal air conditioner.

This helps bring fresh air inside the cabin while many air conditioners rotate the air in the room to save energy.

The only problem with the airplane is that it is hard to make a distance with other passengers, which increases the risk of infection.

It is a bit difficult to talk of higher risk in a particular type of vehicle than another vehicle because there are many reasons to reduce and increase the risk.

Important Tips :

Go out from the house only if it is very important

Although the lockdown has been lifted, the virus, Corona is still out there spreading its wild Venum. Hence, try not to go out for an unnecessary journey, unless a very important task is in front of you. Postpone your journey as much as possible. This is an important reminder for you and your family members. Spread love and not Corona.

Health check before travel

It is always best to check your condition before traveling. Make sure to check on yourself if you are fir to travel. If you are going on a trip, you should see to it that your health is good. If you are feeling cold, sore throat, or fever, then be very alert and avoid traveling during this time of Covid. Because in such a situation, you may come in the grip of disease early. But hopefully not, of course. Make sure to get a PCR test or the Covid19 rapid test before traveling. Consult your doctor and ask for advice.

Gather information before traveling

Gather information about the place you are about to visit in advance. Gather info as much as you can. Wherever you go, it is best to make sure that you are not going in a covid19 red zone. Know the Coronavirus situation in the area of landing. If the situation is normal then you might travel. Otherwise, you may consider postponing your trip. Better to be safe than being sorry. Always remember that the more knowledgeable you are the safer you will be during your trip.

Packing for travel

Pack necessary things. Before this, whenever you go on a trip, you keep clothes and important items for packing. But, in this dreaded phase of Covid-19, do not forget to keep an extra mask and sanitizer.

If you do not carry an extra mask with you, then you may get into trouble and in the new place you are going, you may have trouble finding these things there. Also, most of the countries are requiring all the people visiting and staying in the places to wear masks.

So, keep a bottle of extra sanitizer with you to avoid problems during the journey. Just makes sure to bring and use it as frequently as you can. Never ever bring something you will never use during your trip.

If you have questions regarding packing, you may follow this Ultimate Guide in Packing Before traveling During Covid19.

Must keep medicines

Before traveling, pack some medicines with you. Consult with your doctor and ask for advice. Take emergency medicines like fever, cough, stomach ache, headache, and etc.

Just in case you get sick during your trip, stop whatever you are doing and get checked. It is important to maintain your health these days. Grab your medicine and rest. Isolate yourself until you get better.

Special attention to the food you eat

Traveling during Covid? Then stay attentive to the things you take in. Enjoy food and not Covid. Make sure to eat or dine in a safe and clean place. If you are going on a journey in this time of Corona, then you need to pay special attention to your eating and drinking habits.

You try your best to take home-cooked food and eat it. Because purity in outside food is not guaranteed and in this dreaded situation you should not take any risk regarding food.

Avoid buying a water bottle and try to carry water with you. If for some reason even you have to buy water, then sanitize the bottle properly, only use it.

So, always consider food and travel safely during Covid-19.

Use of vegetarianism

Use vegetarian during travel because eating non-veg and meat is much more likely to cause corona infection. That is why use vegetarian food during your journey.

By paying attention to these points you can make your journey safe. However, then it is suggested that you do not travel unnecessarily.

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